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肌肉女---- muscle woman,也可译作 muscle girl【例句】These evening I went to swim with Joy, which makes me become a muscle woman!现在基本上天天晚上跟Joy去游泳,都锻炼成肌肉女了!

70-year-old woman's heart could work almost as perfectly as a 20-year-old one's. “This gender muscle strength. This helps reduce back pain because greater muscle strength improves support for


[图文] Muscle problems that can lead to kidney problems, including kidney failure. Liver problems. Your du A.being a woman B.knowing well how to use a computer C.having been an accountant D.having n

家徒四壁jiā tú sì bì[释义] 徒:只;壁:墙壁.家里只有四周的墙壁.形容穷得一无所有.[语出] 汉班固《汉书司马相如传》:“文君夜亡奔相如;相如与驰归成都;家徒四壁立.”[正音] 壁;不能读作“pì”.[辨形] 壁;不能写作“璧”.[近义] 一贫如洗 翁牖绳枢[反义] 丰衣足食 家给人足[用法] 用于形容家境贫穷得什么也没有.一般作定语、谓语、补语.[结构] 主谓式.

and easing muscle tension. Jose Haro personally experienced the benefits of music therapy when he A.A Tough Prison B.A Woman Bringing Changes C.A warden Caring for Prisoners D.A Great Wife


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