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nntl.这样的观点暗示我们的身体和性本能天生就是邪恶的,固有地;ntlhn[例句]Such a view implies that our bodies and sexual nature are inherently ungodly;r]adv;][美] [.天性地;hr.形近词inherently_翻译[英] [

inherently adv.天性地,固有地; [英][nhrntl][美][nhrntl]

ad. 1. 天性地;固有地

inherently英 [nhrntl] 美 [nhrntl] in an inherent manner

systematic 英[sstmtk] 美[sstmtk] adj. 有系统的,有规则的;有条不紊的;有步骤的;一贯的,惯常的 [例句]Systematic trading may inherently be guided by the same considerations.系统化交易可能在本质上也受同一考虑的指引.

genetically/ inherently/ congenitally1, genetically 基因的1) A person's health is often genetically predetermined.2, inherently 内在的固有的1) The model is inherently flawed that no one has ever noticed.3, congenitally 天生的 congenitally deaf (天生聋)


inherently heterogeneous固有的异质性

在口语上,naturally的意思一般是'自然地'的,自自然然的自然,是要同通过一个发展过程而成的.naturally和certainly意思有点类似,但不同的地方就在于前者有个发展过程.要表示说话时神情自然通常用“her expression is/looks natural."

dangerous adj. involving or causing danger (有)危险的 ,陷入危险或导致危险的 eg. a dangerous animal /road / illness 危险的动物、道路、病症 dangerous driving 危险驾驶 a dangerous situation 危险的局势反义词:safe harmless risky :


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