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indigent \x09[英]nddnt \x09[美]nddntadj. \x09贫穷的,贫困的,缺少钱财的[例句]Glasgow and edinburgh were inundated with indigent refugees.格拉斯哥和爱丁堡被贫困的难民所淹没.如对你有所帮助,请采纳或给予好评,如有其他疑问,可以向我求助,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

nonindigent [adj] Not indigent.indigent [adj] Poor; destitute; in need.c.f. Wiktionary下面是自己的解而非来自词典:indigent只有一个意思,就是贫穷(强调缺少生活必需品这一点).nonindigent显然是「非贫穷」的意思,可以理解为生活不说富足也不窘迫.这两个词本身没有特别的医学含义.我怀疑如在医学文献中出现,是indigent population v.s. nonindigent population的实验组与参照组.可能是研究(比如)肝炎等病在贫困人口中的发病率等等.

都是同义词,形容贫困潦倒.其中除destitute 外,另外三词都能当名词使用.其中 Poor 和 Needy 一般都作为集合名词用,不可加复数;indigent 可数,因此有加s 的复数形式.

My College DaysBy Yung WingBefore entering Yale, I had not solved the problem of how I was to be carried through the collegiate course without financial backing of a definite and wellassured character. It was an easy matter to talk about getting

poor 贫困,有时也形容某些方面贫乏,比如:There are many needy families in our village.我们村里有很多贫困家庭

可以讲一个东西的 基本品性也可以讲 教训

Dostoevsky: Even though life in the forest is indigent and scary, he still feels free. It's an adventurous and mysteriously seducing job, which make people pursue. Carl Sandburg: The Call of the Wild is one of the greatest stories about dogs, and it

One of my friends used to dream for a trip to Tibet, but wondering whether she could have enough time and energy. I told my own experience in travelling Tibet to persuade her. It's the issue to reach the dream instead of worrying this or that. She made it at last.

歌曲名:After The Last Laugh歌手:Archers of Loaf专辑:White Trash HeroesHere out past the tracks where the drunks collapseOld suckers can score on the indigent whores.Way after the last laugh has swollen itself shutWhen all that's left are the

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