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go on A vACAtion造句

1.I want to go on vacation in the next six month.2.He will go on vacation in Beijin the next day.3.Where will you go on vacation?4.China is a good place where to go on vacation .5.After the text, students will go on vacation to have a relax.

Who doesn't want to go on holiday? It's so tiring right here.

1. let us go on to the next item on the agenda.让我们继续讨论议程上的下一个项目.2. she hesitated for a moment, and then went on.她迟疑了一下,然后接着说.3. go on this street till you see the cinema.沿街往前走直到你看见电影院.4. are you

go on a ropeway 乘索道造句The students in small village go on a ropeway to school.在小村庄的学生们乘索道去学校.

A:Where did you go on vacation? B:I took a bus trip.It's really relaxing!How about you? A:I visited a museum.But It's boring.And you? C:I went to the beach. B:That sounds good! C:Yes,it's very beautiful!

We are not on a vcation,we're on a mission.我们不是在度假,是在执行任务.

go on vacation 和go on a vacation 都指“去度假”,如果vacation前面没有限定词,它们可以互换,但go on a vacation 侧重于某一次具体的度假,vacation 前可以加限定词,如: go on a beach vacation 进行一次沙滩度假 go on a nice vacation 进行一次愉快的度假/旅行

1.Are you here on vacation?您在这里度假吗?2.I am on vacation now.我正在度假.希望能帮到你.我等着你采纳哟,不明还可以追问的,嘻嘻!

Let us go on to the next item on the agenda.让我们继续讨论议程上的下一个项目.She hesitated for a moment, and then went on.她迟疑了一下,然后接着说.Go on this street till you see the cinema.沿街往前走直到你看见电影院.Are you alive to

go on a trip进行一次旅行,固定用法,一种状态.go for a trip去进行一次旅行,to some place.(不一定对)


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