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doorstepsn. 门阶( doorstep的名词复数 )v. 门阶( doorstep的第三人称单数 )

pass through 通过, 穿过, 穿越, 经, 透过, 穿

beamKK: []DJ: []n.[C]1. 梁;桁;(船等的)横梁2. 秤杆,天平横杆3. 传动杆;吊杆;帆桁4. 光线,光束,光柱The beam from a flashlight showed a beggar sleeping at his doorstep.手电筒的光照出一个睡在他家门口的乞丐.5. (定向发出的)电


Pitch by my doorstep 扔到我的门前. 这里我猜是什么人把报纸或者包裹扔到了门前吧. 美国治安好, 通常包裹, 邮包之类的, 邮差直接扔在门口就走了.Three little bird pitch by my doorstep. 三只小鸟停在我门口. 这里pitch翻译作停在, 通常的翻译是扔.

smile to 表示向某人微笑示意,指示动作刚刚发生;smile at 表示以微笑的目光注视某人,是一种状态.

For a website, customer accessibility concerns only with how soon you can ship the product to his/her doorstep.There are a lot of websites that cater to all 4 that you have mentioned. A website advertising services of a plumber will need to have the

near the left和 on the left 的区别主要是:near the left指在左边附近,位置不确定; on the left指在左边,位置是确定的.例如: 1.Liu Xing Road near the left turn right around Kekebanban has finally come Zhang Jing - ru's doorstep. 不远的路刘星

Devils on the Doorstep在鬼子双语对照词典结果:Devils on the Doorstep[电影]鬼子来了; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Chinese director jiang wen's critically acclaimed


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