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你好: There are a lot of competitors compete in the competitive competition.翻译: 有很多竞争者在这个竞争激烈的竞赛上竞争

Positive and Negative Effects of Competition As the saying goes every coin has two sides. So it is completion. Competition between individuals or companies can be tough, aggressive, even ferocious or cut-throat.For individuals, it may hurt self-


everybody competes with each other, all we are competitors, but in this competitive world, we should make a healthy atmosphere of competition

(生存)竞争对于群落构成和特定物种密集度究竟有多大的决定性曾引发大规模的论战 has been 谓语 后面是宾语部分 to what extent 是一起的,别把他们分开,按中文习惯句子就像这样 competition determines (the composition of a community and the density of particular species) To what extent (has been.)

Topic: English singing contestTime: this last lesson on Wednesday afternoonLocation:Competition rules:Hope you can get a good result! -

I hope that everyone can take an active part in it .We wiil hold this competition in NO.5 meeting room

he solve the problem wisely.他聪明地解决了这个问题.

which day will the competition be held on ? Last time you told me the month that the competition will be held in, but I want to know the exact day that the competition will be held on.and by

second - 作为“第二”解释的话:I am the second child of my family.我是我们家的第二个孩子.In the second, it could help me improve my English.第二,这对我英语进步也有益.I got second in the test.我在考试里得了第二名.second - 作为“秒”解释Wait for a second.稍等一下Take it out after 30 seconds.三十秒后把它拿出来I will be back in a second.我马上回来


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