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英音 [ ku':n ] ; 美音 [ ku':n ] 名词 强迫,威压,高压政治同义词:compulsion.英语句子Coercion illegally applied.非法施加的强迫Characterized by or inclined to coercion.强迫的表现出或倾向于强制的The superpowers got what they wanted by

区别:1)peaceful是专指环境和状态而言,其涵义为“平安的”、“和平的”、“宁静的”、“平静的”.例句:we earnestly hope that all countries will adhere to the principles of peaceful coexistence. 我们真诚地希望世界各国都能坚持和平共处

一、neither释义:英[na(r)] 美[nar] 1、adj.(两者)都不的Neither. I like mine plain. 我喜欢什么都不加的.2、pron.两者都不However, at the moment, neither of them is computationally feasible. 然而,就当前而言,两者在计算上

procure + doingprocure +sth再看看别人怎么说的.

首先是反和谐,这个简单.只要在HuniePop的游戏copy根目录下,新建一个文件,2113重命名为huniepop_uncensored_patch.game即可.5261注意.game是后缀名并非文件名.然后再进入游戏就能看到你想要的4102了. 隐藏角色解锁: 猫娘Momo:在寻找主人. 解锁条件1653:在

cohercen, from Middle French cohercer, from Latin coercere "to control, restrain, shut up together," from com-"together" (see co-) + arcere "to enclose, confine, contain, ward off," from PIE *ark- "to hold, contain, guard" (see arcane).

be free 空闲、有空

一夜:one night 这就是了.再看看别人怎么说的.

come through通过双语对照词典结果:come through[英][km θru:][美][km θru]到达; 穿过; 传来; (健康)恢复; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Abusive interrogations have long been a key part of a system in which legal investigations


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