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bothered:使(某人)烦恼(或担忧、不安); 给(某人)造成麻烦(或痛苦); 打扰; 搭话烦扰; 主要强调情绪状态.[例句]It bothered me that boys weren't interested in me.男孩子们对我不感兴趣令我很烦恼.disturbed:被扰乱的; 心理失常的; 被干扰打扰的,被扰动的.主要强调情绪的波动,受影响.

bother D.J.[b] K.K.[b] vt. & vi.打扰, 烦扰, 搅扰, 使恼怒 Thank you, but please don't bother.谢谢, 但请你不要费事了.Could I bother you to give the package to Mr.Miller?麻烦你把这个包裹交给米勒先生好吗?迷惑, 把…弄糊涂; (使)不安, (使)紧张 Don't bother.别紧张.The complexities of life bothered him.生活的复杂使他困惑.

bother[英][b(r)][美][b:(r)]vt.烦扰,打扰; 使…不安,使…恼怒; 使迷惑; 烦恼; vi.操心; 麻烦; 烦恼; n.麻烦,操心; 累赘; 烦扰,吵闹; 讨厌的人; 第三人称单数:bothers过去分词:bothered复数:bothers现在进行时:bothering过去式:bothered例句:1.So why bother with it? 干吗要那么麻烦呢?2.But why do they bother? 但他们又何必如此麻烦?3.I tell them not to bother. 我告诉他们不用为此烦恼.

bothered adj. 烦(恼)的;感到讨厌的worried adj. 担心的它们的意思不一样,很容易区分的.

<p align=center><b>动词</b><b>bother</b><b>用法小议</b><b></b></p> <p><b>&nbsp;</b></p> <p><b>1.</b> 表示用某事麻烦某人,一般用介词 with 或 about.如:</p> <p>don't bother with [about] it. 不要为此事费心(烦恼).</p> <p>i'

动词bother的用法与搭配1. 表示“打扰”“麻烦”,为及物动词,要表示用某事麻烦某人,一般用介词 with 或 about.如:I'm sorry that I have to bother you with [about] this problem. 对不起,我要用这个问题来麻烦你了.2. 表示“费心”“费力

bother 英[b(r)] 美[b:(r)] vt. 烦恼; 烦扰,打扰; 使…不安,使…恼怒; 使迷惑; vi. 麻烦; 烦恼; 操心; n. 麻烦,操心; 累赘; 烦扰,吵闹; 讨厌的人; [例句]Lots of people don't bother to go through a marriage ceremony these days如今很多人不再费心思举行婚礼.[其他] 第三人称单数:bothers 复数:bothers 现在分词:bothering过去式:bothered 过去分词:bothered

bother “不停地打搅”使人不得安心例如:The old man is frequently bothered by a slight stiffness in his joints. 这个老人经常因为关节僵硬而心烦. annoy 是“使人心烦”的意思 (be annoyed 感到心烦),多有小事引起.例如: I was annoyed by the way he kept mumbling something over and over again. 因为他不停地念叨,我感到很烦.

mentally bothered精神困扰的这是个合成形容词.-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

bother to do 是“费心做某事”(这是表示未做的事).造句:My mom always bothers to prepare my lunch.bothe doing 是“麻烦做某事”(这是表示已做的事).造句:If your secret space plane's in orbit and doing its secret thing well enough,


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