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你好!广告同其他交流方式不同,这体现在广告商是为了传达信息而付费的.to be delivered是不定式,修饰message,我认为是补语.意为“要传达的,要传递的”.我的回答你还满意吗~~

是deliver的过去时,已送达deliverkk: []dj: []vt.1. 投递;传送;运送[(+to)]the mailman delivered the letters promptly.那个邮差准时地投递信件.2. 给予(打击等);发动(进攻)[o]3. 发表;讲;宣布he delivered an important report at the

be delivered ofv.生(孩子),作(诗),说(俏皮话); 产; 以上结果来自金山词霸网络释义1. 生下2. 产.-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

be delivered of 意思:生下(孩子);作出诗;说俏皮话 例句: Be delivered of a boy again, two cut are very glad, want to make the child grown literate, give a name to the boy then call a pen. 就又生下个男孩,俩口子很高兴,想让孩子长大有文化,于是给男孩起名叫笔.

be delivered with 表示与什么同时出现所以这个句子应表达为充满着活力的歌曲.

be delivered of后面直接加宾语,因为介词of后面就要接宾语的be delivered of a baby=to give birth to a baby(formal) 分娩,生孩子例如:She was delivered of a healthy boy.她生下一个健康的男孩儿.(牛津字典P528)这个是由动词deliver的用法演变而来,deliver可以表示“递送,生产”,deliver a baby=be deliverd of a baby

不是不定式的被动语态表示将来.是be to本来就是已经在计划之中,被安排好了的事情.带有将来的状态.He is to be a teacher after graduating from normal univerity.从师范大学毕业之后,他会成为一个老师.

delivered 音节划分:deliver 英 [d'lvd] 美 [d'lvd] adj. 在…交货的,包括运费在内的 v. 递送,交付( deliver的过去式和过去分词 ); 发表; 交出; 发动 双语例句 1. David delivered Holly gratefully into the woman's outstretched

delivered[英][d'lvd][美][d'lvd]adj.在…交货的,包括运费在内的; v.发表; 递送,交付( deliver的过去式和过去分词 ); 交出; 发动; 形近词:deliverlydeliverer1.It is shocking that only one woman has delivered the lecture in 44

reliably delivered的中文翻译 reliably delivered 可靠地交付 双语例句 1 Each request must be delivered reliably and in order to the service. 每个请求都必须可靠地按顺序交付给服务. 2 In other words, they want to make sure their data is reliably delivered to the proper destination. 换句话说,他们想要确保他们的数据可靠地传输到恰当的目的地.


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