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arise------不及物动词 vi. 起床;起立 get up; stand up We arose at 5 a.m.. 我们早晨五点起床. 不及物动词 vi. 发生;产生;开始 happen; start How did the quarrel arise? 争吵是怎样发生的? I thought it would be easy, but a lot of

通常用occur to sb.表示 想起/想到e.g. it never occured to me. 我从来没有想到过xxx; 单独occur一般作 发生 发现的意思 = happene.g. When did this accident occer?这起事故是什么时候发生的

how are you = 你怎么样了? 你好吗?are you fine? = 你还好吧? 你没事吧?hello = 你好(通常用于不熟悉的人) 喂

There are three kinds of situations are most likely to occur in love, the sky above the exotic of vital importance. For example, I landed on 10 hour plane trip, always want to fall in love, ah, for example, I in Roca to watch the sunset, to see the autumn

不能用isoften occur经常发生双语例句1Food shortages often occur in time of war. 在战争期间常常发生粮食短缺的情形.2Frosts often occur in November. 11月份经常出现霜冻.


你时尚么?(in重读时)你在么? (in不重读时)

As we all know, a superman is a super hero who save the world using his own magic abilities. Since there are too many tragedies and disasters that are going to occur in the world today, the superman is very busy working and saving our people.

, A lifetime may be the time to learn courage, but courage to become overnight. Courage to face life's twists and turns rough. This courageous, in the eyes of many people is a manifestation of maturity. What is more courageous you are? He is likely



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