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after作介词后面可以加做宾语的动名词,名词,代词.一、after作介词的用法:1. after+名词,作为介宾短语,如:after 5 o'clock 五点以后.He ran after the bus. 他在那辆公交车后追着跑.2. after+动名词 ,也是作为介宾短语,如:after having


在作为一个介词和连词时,after 后面不能接时间点,只能说after four o'clock,after class 等;而作为副词的时候,上面的after two days 则是正确的了. in two days表示的是“(未来的)两天之后或之内”.

in +时间段:与将来时连用 after +时间段:与过去时连用 after +时间点:可与将来时连用

(1)介词:(a) please come to my house after dinner.晚饭后(b) he ran after the bus. 追赶(c) his mother waited for him night after night.(一个)接着(一个)(d) it's sad to fail after all that work. 由于(e) they are still friends after all their

after [':ft; 'f-] adv.1. [表示位置]在后面,在后,背后;向后2. [表示时间]以后,之后,后来,过后,随后3. 【航海学、航空学】在(或接近、向着)艉部(或机尾)prep.1. [表示位置、空间]在…后面,在…背后,在…之后:I saw the man

in +时间段:与将来时连用 after +时间段:与过去时连用 after +时间点:可与将来时连用 He will be back in two hours.He came back after two hours.He will be back after two o'clock.in+一段时间表示将来时 如:I'll come back in a week in+一段时间也可用于过去时,意思是”内” 如:he came in two days.而after+一段时间通常只能用于过去时,不能用于将来时 如:he came back after a week

after 是介词或连词

after [指地点]在之后 one after another 一个挨着一个地 [指顺序]在后面 day after day 一天一天地 追赶, 探求 run after her 追赶她 询问; 打听 Your uncle asked after you. 你叔父询问了你的情况.[指时间]在之后;以后 After supper we went to


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