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WAtErloo BriDgE 的英文简介

(waterloo bridge) 魂断蓝桥

Waterloo bridge Starring: Vivien Leigh, Robert Taylor Directed by Mervyn LeRoy. Produced by Sidney Franklin Synopsis Based on the play by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert E. Sherwood, WATERLOO BRIDGE stars Vivien Leigh as Myra,

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我给你个有关泰晤士河的英文资料,你自己截吧!Opened in 1874, Joseph Bazalgette's Thames promenade was part of an ambitious project to relieve congestion along the Strand whilst simultaneously extending the Metropolitan District Railway

Waterloo Bridge is a 1940 remake of the 1931 American drama film also called Waterloo Bridge, adapted from the 1930 play Waterloo Bridge. In an extended flashback narration, it recounts the story of a dancer and an army captain who meet by

Thames (Thames River) is a famous British "mother" River. Originated in southwest England Cotswold Hills, length of 402 kilometers, across the British capital London, with more than 10 cities along the river, the basin area of 13,000 square

Waterloo BridgeWaterloo Bridge is a tragic love story movie.It tells an Army captain Roy met a ballerina Myra at Waterloo Bridge , the two fell in love at first sight, and they planted to getting married through various twists and turns. But the night

World War II has just broken out and a soldier stops on Waterloo Bridge to reminisce. The film then cuts to a flashback toWorld War I with the young soldier Roy Cronin (Taylor) who has stopped on the bridge. An alarm sounds signaling an air raid

中文译名:滑铁卢桥 希望我的人生不会像电影里费雯丽那般的凄惨,平凡的权利已经丢失,剩下的期望却是那么的凄艳. 内容: 费雯丽, 罗伯特泰勒, 露塞尔沃特森的相遇和爱情故事.

滑铁卢桥(Waterloo Bridge)是英国伦敦一座跨越泰晤士河的桥梁,介于黑衣修士桥(Blackfriars Bridge)和亨格福德桥(Hungerford Bridge)之间.滑铁卢桥得名于1815年英国取得胜利的滑铁卢战役.


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