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意思:第七 我玩的手机直播顺序1th:映客2th:花椒3th:一直播4th:me5th:哈你6th:抱抱7th:觅蜜直播


My auntMy aunt's name is Li Ling. She is my father's 3th young sister, and she is 38 years old this year. Shopping and touring are her favourite. She always give me some wonderful gifts, so I love her very much. She like drinking green tea, and she

readiness美 ['redins]英 ['redins]n.准备就绪;愿意;乐意 准备度;敏捷;准备状态例句筛选1.He assured me of his readiness to help.他向我保证他随时愿意帮助我.2.Readiness of your spirit is all that is necessary.你灵魂上做好准备是那一切所需的.

曲名:In Love 歌手:Fly to the sky 专辑:Fly to the sky 3th because you loved me - celine dion - Grammy1997 because you loved me sung by "celine dion" for all those

①本质 纵观现在活跃在日本女子组合(如AXB48,乃X坂46等),都有一些共同的特点,比如:握手,合照.这种模式的成功,很难说是音乐上的成功,更多的是商业上的成功.也就是说,卖点主要不是音乐,而是依靠人海战术卖妹子们的笑

Today is my birthday on the December 3rd, It's very cold at this time of the year.Every year I invite my friends to my home at that day ,then my parents buy cake celebrate for me .On that day ,i also receive many presents .We are very happy.

幸田来未(1982年11月13日-),本名神田来未子,日本流行音乐女歌手,出生于日本京都府宇治市,其妹misono(神田美苑)为日本乐团「近未来」(day after tomorrow;已于2005年停止活动)的主唱.中学时期就读于京都精华大学附属高等

What a busy week!Finalluy,I have time to spend on my blog.In this week,translation cost me four nights,family education one night,one night shower and one for game :p .I tried to found another chance to get jobs on spare times but failed,while,I am

只是专辑里的,和日剧都木有关系,在《サクラ サクラ》3th单曲里有发布官方PV,度娘视频可以搜到


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