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Self-evaluation: cheerful personality, good communication, can withstand the pressure. A strong sense of responsibility work, the preparation of a fairly standard code. And the experience of the project: ????: The system is set up ????applications,

Basic material:Name: XuBaoDi native zhejiang pinghu degree: high school:Work experience:Since 2006 - in emperor red can machinery manufacture Co., LTD LongChang pinghu in Shanghai branchI have engaged in the machinery industry has

e68a84e799bee5baa6e79fa5e9819331333264623861Self-evaluation A wealth of business experience Has a strong affinity with the team coordination and communication skills. Work quickly to deal with some unexpected problems, coordinate the

Collected a large amount of computer software and hardware knowledge, be familiar with Office, proper Office software technology, can independently large amounts of data and statistical analysis.Social practice experience☆ in July 2007 to


** College of Life Sciences (National Base Class) degree finance basic self-study courses: Western Economics of Money and Banking International Finance Finance Market Employment advantages ■ excellent English communication skills,

Self-evaluation:I am cheerful, stable, dynamic, treating others with enthusiasm, sincerity; the work of a serious and responsible, proactive, be able to hard-working, the courage to bear the pressure, to be creative; has very strong organizational skills

Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, College of secondary vocational Hubei Province Jingzhou Secondary vocational school Computer Computer Vocational secondary technical school Diploma Certificate Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, career


一、国家及校级奖项、称号 国家奖学金 National Scholarship 国家励志奖学金 National Encouragement scholarship 校一等奖:The First Prize Scholarship 校二等奖:The Second Prize Scholarship 校三等奖:The Third Prize Scholarship 单项


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