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I am very grateful to Smith in your life to take care of me and learning to help. You help me communicate with people is convenient. In a month that the study life makes me feel very happy, and your good friends. Even if I go back, I hope we keep in

Dear Mr. Smith, Thank you for your kind hospitality and introducing those famous professors to us. We have already come back and got into our stride. We won't forget your help. Thank you once again.

Thank you for having brought me up.Whenever I cry, you always comfort me.Whenever I laugh, you will laugh with me.Whenever I am in trouble, you will help me out.

Dear Mr. Smith,First of all, thanks for your kind invitation and I really appreciate it. I would like to invite you to come to my home and I will show you around the city. Please send my best wishes to your family.Look forward to your reply soon. Thanks Yours sincerely,(在这署名)

我感谢过去几年你在生活和学习上给我的帮助 翻译成为英语就是:Thank you for your help that you gave me in my life and study in the past years.宝贝勤学好问, 天天进步!


谢谢你在学习生活中的照顾Thank you for taking care of your life.谢谢你在学习生活中的照顾Thank you for taking care of your life.

Thank you very much for taking care of me in USA, make me feel the warmth of the family, as a member of the family.

thank you for your attendance and help.

A. I is the blue sky, Chen Li, how are you, Mr. Smith. B. Hello, thank you for coming to meet me at the airport. A. you have a good journey? B. can also, thank you! A. welcome you


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