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tubman was born in maryland, the parents is the black slave, in 1849 fled the hometown, obtained the freedom. afterward and south the area helped more than 300 slaves in the north to obtain the freedom. her nickname is called moses. in fight

The title of my speech is: I believe.When we understand, you have a dream, no matter what a great dream, how small the dream, we are moving towards this dream. What would you do if you failed? Ma

汉译英: 1.she is quite different from her sister. 2.although we are neighbours, we are not familiar with each other. 3.nobody can speak french here. 4.there are alll kinds of plants in the park. 5.call all the children under the tree, will you? 6.it is already


我们看着船进来从整个海湾我看了你的唇移动想知道该说些什么这是不够好这是足够强大这是对你不够好 爱是一个海洋卷入一场风暴打破墙并考虑其形式从安全最远但最近我来当我们来到撤消,奥古斯丁 我们我们的脚悬空水从墙上多我把你的手准备秋季我就会崩溃够快我会下降得这么辛苦我属于你够快 爱是一个海洋卷入一场风暴打破墙并考虑其形式从安全最远但最近我来当我们来到撤消,奥古斯丁 不要说一个字我希望你知道还有的方式,我们觉得真相目前强本人永远不会放过你 我们会下降速度不够快我们会下降得这么辛苦果然,我们就会崩溃并且永不回头 爱是一个海洋卷入一场风暴打破墙并考虑其形式从安全最远但最近我来当我们来到撤消,奥古斯丁

If we want to solve the XXX problem completely, we have to firstly make sure that everyone of us is with a positive attitude. Then, we shall try to solve the problem with measures of all kinds. For instance, to call for the awareness of this problem in the

Dear Immigratin Officer,There is still no feedback to me since I was interviewed in the immigration office November 20th, 2014. I have been living in United States for over one year. Since I cannot leave United States, the schedule of my PHD in

Hi Weiwei, 你好,薇薇Sorry for the late reply because i faced the computer problems few days ago. Hope you are understanding of my situation. I have check the details that you have sent to me. 真不好意思这么晚才回复你,我的电脑前几天出毛

From Apr 29th to May 1st are our Labor Day Holiday, The remit will be on your account at about May 2nd. Pls arrange the delivery according to your stock after receiving the payment.不过提醒下,一zd般我们都不说这样的话,什么根据库存,这是对方内的事情,不符合我方利容益, 一般我们直说Pls arrange the delivery asap after receiving the payment.

We totally agree with your quotation. However, according to the latest orders, the transportation expenses were paid by your side. We sincerely hope that you can take up the expenses for transportation between our co-operation in the future. Thank you very much.


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