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匯遍哂猟梧 戦中載謹鞘I rEmEmBEr 匯倖溺蕗蟹議 頁菰肺育怙 嬬音嬬御盆厘焚担梧

I remember- Mocca I remember the way you glance at me yes I remember I remember when we caught a shooting star yes I remember I remember all the things that we shared and the promise we made just you and I I remember all the laughter we


Do You RememberMoumoonDo you remember?禅がはじまった り祇はちっぽけな わたしの返をにぎりしめていたねI remember苧晩も返をいでいたいから佚じたいよこの梁もりの喟垓を彬つけたり列盾したり伉が祐くてそれでもそばに

猟兆各:伉柳翌猟兆各:Heartbeats侭奉廨辞:Swings And Roundabouts梧爆扮海:03:56窟佩扮寂:2009定10埖21晩梧爆圻蟹:Amy Diamond咄赤欠鯉:Pop梧爆囂冱:哂囂仇 曝:誹灸梧簡:I can't figure out‐厘吾音賠萱/Is it meant to be

Ring My Bells-Enrique Iglesias、 哘乎音頁remember remember remember、頁Ring my bell' ring my bells杏、軟兜厘匆油危阻、

like you - Paulie Rhyme Ft. Kaoruhttp://www.tudou.com/programs/view/W1XzKZ2Qn4I/和墮http://mp3.baidu.com/m?tn=baid

辛參頁someone like you-adele宅?匆音危.

房弌罎議ゞ節砧壓肺貧〃載芦床議 宸爺和怜 厘亟阻宸遍梧坪伉樟潤 伉匆侯彭 勣奕担嘉嬬韮壱心音需 扮寂宜廬 弊順峪複匯磯指吮嶮梢 珊頁氏梨芝議犖心音需低 胆洗議然 嗽壅鮭房岱訥垪8] 低議鮫中 低才麿竃嶬斫枅或寛纂 扮寂宜廬 弊順峪

Stuttering - Fefe DobsonThere's a whole lot of things that I will forgiveBut I just can't take a liarI was by your side till the very endTil you pushed me in the fireI tried to believe youBut something is wrongYou won't look in my eyesTell me what's going onIt'

Come Back To Me (Radio Edit) - 嚴謹弥高http://v.51liuyang.com/filefolder8/class/uploadspace/4/4652/study/465244135843187.MP3The rain falls on my windowsAnd a coldness



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