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My Father My father is a tall man with a pair of glasses. Everyone says he is a kind-hearted man. He often helps his neighbours and some strangers whom he doesnt know at all. He has really done a lot for others. I dont like him to do so because I

My father Everyone has a father,so do I.I have a good father.He is an engineer,and he is so young.He always works in the company,and helps to maintain the machines of the company.He enjoys playing the guitar,surfing the Internet,playing

您好:My father did not finish high school, joined the army and went to Tibet, who did the doctor in the clinic, the construction company. I was with my mother in the countryside, until the older he returned home to settle in. In addition to his house in

My father My father is a handsome man . He is tall and medium build. He has short black hair and big eyes. My father works in a hospital. He is a doctor. He wears a uniform in the hospital. He drives his car go to work. He is a good doctor. He loves

l have a great father. he is forty years old. he is tall. he is strong. he is good at swimming . but,he poor at cooking. he has to pratise cooking more. he likes sweet rice dumpling with beans. but l don't to eat it,l'd rather have a sandwich.he loves me

My Parents My mother is a teacher.She is pretty and active.She usually goes to work by car.She likes purple.Her favourite food is cake. My father is a writer.He is smart and quiet.He goes to work on foot.He likes blue.His favourite food is pork. I love

(my father) hi, my name is cindy. i have a good father. i like him very much.my father is a policeman. he is tall and strong. he looks very cool in the black police uniform. he works in the police station and he is very busy every day. he likes helping

我正好有一篇呵呵呵 "Hey! This who you?" I pointed at a black-and-white photographs yellowing asked. "My son, this is the photo I was a kid, the only photographs of a child!" Dad answered. "Ah! How such like me, ah!" I asked surprised.



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