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In a materialistic society, everyone forgot how to carry forward the culture, how to keep a good state of mind, so I aspire to be a good people's teacher. Because the teacher is the study of human culture and then use these know people moral practice

i think teaching is what i will enjoy.i think being a teacher is whati will enjoy.希望这一回答对你有所帮助,如满意请点击下面的“选为满意答案”按钮,谢谢您!

I am a kindergarten teacher, and i love my job

I'm WangYan.My dream is to be an English teacher.My Enlish teacher is very outstanding and I want to be a person like her.I think being a teacher I can teach what I learn to my students. If my students get good marks, I will feel happy and be full of

英语如同语文.首先,开门见山写老师外貌性格 第二,事件体现性格 第三,赞颂 I like my math teacher Miss. Long best, Miss. Long is tall and thin. She has black long hair and there is a pair of glasses on her bright eyes,which makes she look

你好!My ideal is to become a teacher.仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

你好!My dream job is to be a foreign language teacher,it's a follow me interface occupation.First, I like this occupation,I will Study hard knowledge,I like teacher this

I am a English teacher. Since I was a child, I know teacher is one of the greatest profession in the world. Teacher is the tutor of the soul. I like too be a teacher and I love to be one. I would like to devote my whole life into education career.

The teacher is sacred, people all say a teacher is an engineer of the human soul, if I am a teacher, I will try my best to do the work. If I was a teacher, I sincerely look for the study of knowledge education into how children learn, I how to form a good

鱼离不开水,鸟离不开树,我们的成长自然离不开老师.俗话说:一个孩子如果没有碰到一个好老师,那么他就是一个潜伏的罪犯.可见,一个好老师对我们的成长有多么的重要. 老师像春天的微风把新意与蓬勃吹给我们;老师像夏季的暖风把


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