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你好:随缘英文翻译为【it depends】 希望能解决您的问题.

随缘:up to fateAll along with reason一切随缘

following with fate floating with fate(这个更有感觉)

随缘 基本翻译 to follow karma [accept what comes according to circumstances] 网络释义 随缘:Let it Be|DjJian|As It Be 随缘居:vincents house 让爱随缘:Let it go

不知道你要用在什么场合随缘可以说成 to follow karma 意思就是 accept what comes according to circumstances缘本是佛家的说法,karma 就是佛教中的“缘分、命运”的意思.

随缘 let it be; [例句]随缘,是一种胸怀,是一种成熟,是对自我内心的一种自信和把握.You are a mature mind, is a kind of self, is a kind of self-confidence and grasp.

自由发言:Free speech 另外:In addition to 扫除:Remove 消减:reduce 肩并肩地:side by side 砍到:chop 四处打听:ask around或者一nquired in all directions 用完:use sth up或者run sth down 只要:as long as 打扫干净:clean up

随缘 [suí yuán] 基本翻译 let it be accord with conditions

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