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行政人事部:hr & admin department行政人事部部长 :head of hr & admin department / hr & admin managerdepartment 缩写成dep也行.希望帮到你.

GM(General Manager)总经理 VP(Vice President)副总裁 FVP(First Vice President)第一副总裁 AVP(Assistant Vice President)副总裁助理 CEO(Chief Executive Officer)首席执行官 COO(Chief Operations Officer)首席运营官 CFO(Chief Financial

A variety of jobs 各种部门、职位英文翻译:President 总裁Vice-President 副总裁Assistant VP 副总裁助理Executive Marketing Director 市场行政总监 General Manager 总经理Branch Manager 部门经理Product Manager 产品经理Project Manager

你好!personnel sectionpersonnel office如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

we have moved into this apartment for nineteen months. our neighbors are an assorted group including merchants, teachers, grocers and government employees. once i went hurriedly to work and forgot to turn off the faucet connected by a hose to

Main job duties:1. Personnel management, including staff recruitment, acceptance, promotions, resignation.2. Draw up instructions for all the posts.3. Attendance management.4. Working out the performance appraisal and how to implement it.5.

personnel是人员,不是主管人事部主管是 Human Resource Supervisor 简写:HR Supervisor

Accounting Assistant 会计助理 Accounting Clerk 记帐员 Accounting Manager 会计部经理 Accounting Stall 会计部职员 Accounting Supervisor 会计主管 Administration Manager 行政经理 Administration Staff 行政人员 Administrative Assistant

HR Administration Staff

招聘:Recruitment 名词 recruit 动词 短语:招聘信息:Employment;Recruitment. 人才招聘:Jobs;Join Us.网络招聘:E-Recruit;network application invitation;Internet recruitment.招聘员工: Help wanted ; Recruiting new Employees ; Recruit


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