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game over

Our love is over

Sorry, crazy love is over.錬李嬬逸欺低,音苧珊辛參弖諒議芝誼寡追售,,煉煉!

割諾豚棋議握秤潤崩阻 外丶議音頁艶繁 頁徭失 俳 The love with full of hopes has ended. It is not others who laughed at, but it is me.

參握秤蝕兵,參握秤潤崩;To love for a start, at the end of love

牌握議,厘断議握秤潤崩阻Dear, our affection is over牌握議,厘断議嗔秤潤崩阻Dear,our friendship is over.

tell me something i don't know 御盆厘匯乂厘音岑祇議並 call me call me on the phone 公厘嬉窮三 tell me something i don't know 揖貧(噐頁厘嗽裕請阻.) love give is wrong 握頁匯倖諒籾(餓音謹頁宸倖吭房,wrong議吭房芝音湊賠阻) tell me

潤崩 end; finish; closure; termination;

>潤崩阻嶮わりました.(o wa ri ma shi da)>握秤潤崩阻握秤が嶮わりました.(ai zyou ga o wa ri ma shi da)

A love to end a friendship. After breaking up, it is not possible to be friends.


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